Saturday, July 28, 2007

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erratically recorded, ergonomically produced
drenched in the pleasures of the evening
unmastered, unregulated, unnecessary
HEARTS KINGS LIES: 12 tales of the times

track listing:

1. in a flash
2. long face
3. gone so
4. no exit strategy (motherfucker)
5. how do you breathe?
6. just for money
7. unfamiliar bed
8. breaker one nine
9. wish
10. come home with me
11. destabilize the middle east
12. grey area

The Cut-Ups "Hearts Kings Lies"

It's late at night in a livingroom somewhere in George Bush's America. You pour a big glass of bourbon. Leave the ice out, it will just get in the way. The first sip burns all the way down; a rich, caressing flame. "Hearts Kings Lies" by The Cut-Ups plays on the stereo. There are songs strummed on guitar, decorated lightly with some piano here, some drums there. The songs allude to heartaches hidden in city rooms, dramas played out in smoky bars, and the bigger problem of America today where the patriotic binary- you are either red or blue- is as strong as ever. If you have to live in a time when war is called peace and poverty is called prosperity, you need to find kindred spirits. The Cut-Ups follow the footsteps of literary beatniks old and new- Ed Sanders (Fugs), David Berman (Silver Jews) - writers who use rock music to get their words out to an audience stuck somewhere in modern America. -- leafy green

Bars and Guitars featured the cut ups on May 20, 2005.

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Hearts Kings Lies is still available, contact us (dcr at for more info.

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